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Future Student

Advancement Academy is committed to ensuring your success with our diverse training programs. We believe in you and would love to see you prosper financially by giving you the necessary training you need in

the field you desire.


The Advancement Academy is an initiative aimed at providing information, inspiration and incentive to persons seeking to be empowered. Our goal is to help persons seeking new opportunities at self development.

Vision Statement

To be an educational institution founded on Kingdom principles that serves the community by empowering adults to improve their lives.

Mission Statement

To provide a variety of personal development courses that equip adults with practical knowledge and skills.

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To get your new education started, download the application form and submit before the selected enrollment date. Enrollment agents are standing by to answer all questions .

Three easy steps for submitting applications: 


Step 2: Fill out Application Form 

Step 3: Email application form to 


“The Advancement Academy has helped me as a professional to add to my scope of education. The Caregivers course where I learned the skills to plan, prepare and better take care of the sick and elderly.  The schedule was very convenient, the price of the course was affordable, the classroom setting was very conducive to learning and the facilitator was well knowledgeable and professional.   Personally, the skills I obtained have taught me how to take better care of myself, to live a healthier lifestyle as I age.  Overall I feel confident as a caregiver to provide a service if and when called to do so.”

                                                                            -Mrs.Michelle Sturrup

“ The Academy helped me improve my reading, it gave me more confidence in speaking in group settings. It was worth it.”

                                                                                  -Mrs. Shirley Grant 

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